A Sea Of Stars

How will they ever be friends, let alone sisters?

Two girls with two very different lives come together in this beautiful and moving story of friendship and family, by a major new voice in girls’ fiction.

Meet Maya. She has a cosy, comfy life with her slightly hippy mum and dad by the sea in Cornwall. But as an only child, Maya feels smothered by her parents’ love and longs to be a given more freedom and independence; but what Maya wants more than anything is a sister.

Meet Cat. She’s never known her dad and her mum’s an alcoholic and is not capable of looking after herself, let alone her 11 year old daughter. Cat’s spent her life protecting her mum and keeping some dark secrets; all she wants is to be left alone.

But Cat and Maya’s worlds collide when Cat is taken into care and Maya’s parents make the life-changing decision to adopt her. Maya can’t wait to welcome Cat into the family and hopes that by having a sister, her parents might learn to ‘chill out’ and give Maya a bit more freedom. But Cat is angry and resentful and resists Maya’s attempts at friendship and soon Maya’s idea of a perfect family is blown out of the water.

As tensions rise and secrets come out, will the girls ever become friends, let alone sisters?



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Sometimes I wish...


I've wanted a sister forever. Even before Alfie was born. Then after him I kept wishing and wishing and wishing but she never came along. So I'm going to remember this summer holiday forever, even when I'm an old lady with grey hair and wrinkly skin. It's hard to believe how much has happened between finishing school and starting back again tomorrow. It's as if these huge hands came down from the sky, picked up my life, tipped it upside down and shook it, like one of those beautiful snow dome things. And I just stood there in the middle while everything got all mixed up and blurry. But then the snow started to settle and now I have to keep pinching my leg to remind myself it's actually true.

Here I am, on the beach, alone, waiting to catch some zabaloosh gnarly waves, and my mum isn't even panicking. And I feel like squealing and jumping up and down because my sister, Cat, is actually clambering down the cliff to join me, with her surfboard under her arm. She's actually getting in the water. We?re actually going surfing together. And you're never going to believe it but six weeks ago I hadn't even met her. I knew she existed but I'd only seen her face in photos and on the DVD, not properly in the flesh. 

I didn't know her beetle-black hair smelt like custard or how loud and ear-splitting her screams would be. I didn't know how much she'd nibble-nibble-nibble on her nails. I had no idea how frustrating and irritating she'd be (and she really is frustrating and irritating sometimes). And I couldn't have even imagined in my wildest dreams that the sight of her running across the sand towards me would make my heart unfurl like a huge pink flag to wrap her up in love.

Some people wish they had mystical powers so they could see into the future and know what's actually going to happen. Or that there was this big book in the library where your whole life had been written down. Dad says everything is planned. He says it's already mapped out in the stars and that we choose our life and our family and friends and everything that's going to happen to us way before we're even born, when we're just tiny twinkling stars in the sky. Some people think its God that has this great life plan drawn out for us, or Buddha or Krishna or Allah, someone like that. That it was their huge great hands coming down from the sky and shaking up my life.

I don't know if I believe any of that stuff. All I know is that, after everything that's happened, things still aren't perfect with Cat and me; having a sister is nothing like it was in my imagination and it probably never will be. But things are what they are. This is how it is now we're sisters.


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What people are saying about A Sea Of Stars

I read your book last night and once started I could not put it down. FANTASTIC!

It will now be on our required reading list for prospective adoptive parents. I can not believe how accurate you have got not only Cat's feelings but also Maya's and her parents.  I am going to let all the other adoption agencies about it. I would love to meet you at sometime.   XXX

Kind Regards

Veronica Yates

Adoption Service Manager, Children's Social Work & Psychology Services, Cornwall Council

Just read A Sea of Stars. What a page turner. However, I do not think that your books are not just for girls. I think adults should read them to see how their choices and fears can affect the children around them. The voices you find for your young girls are very strong. Brilliant writing. xxx

Clea Williams, Head of English and Drama, Nore Dame Prep School, Cobham

My daughter (aged 13) read this book from cover to cover when she first was given it. She's read it again several times since - she loves it and talks about the characters as though they are real people. Kate writes with real affection for her characters as well as a ring of truth. Jane Plumb Aug 2012



Love it, sad but love it! I would love to have a sister myself but that's how the world works I love this book so much and I'm starting surfing soon so can't wait for that it is a hard life for cat but it is quiet difficult for Maya as well having a new sister losing a brother not being able to go for surf competition but all together love it love it love it! Deborah Fitzgerald 2014

I really liked this book! After reading Shine and Glitter, I knew I would love it, and I read it in about for hours because I was enjoying it so much! It even made me cry a bit in the middle because the author is so good at describing a person's feelings during an argument. I read this and I am ten years old so I would recommend it to about nine to thirteen year old girls. Marshmallow Feb 2014

A heart warming and touching story, about families,loss,chances and new beginnings.
It is easy to relate and sympathise with each character's own personal struggle, which highlights change, child loss, and adoption and is treated with such care, love and tenderness by a writer who has such a 'feel' for such real and raw emotions. Carole Sayers 2013

A great read from Kate Maryon once again. It was a grabbing book and shows a story of life for children in care and just how hard it is to Settle down. But after love, care and a surfing disaster for Maya it brings the family together, ending with a happily ever after.  Mrs P K 2014

This is an amazing book, I can picture everything and feel their emontions. Very well written, I would recommend this to 9-12 year olds. The book helped me to understand what adoption is, how it feels to be adopted, and how it feels on the other end. Eve Zebadee 2013





This book was great. It was touching,sad,happy and exciting.I was very happy with the book throughout the as fab.I like how it started mysterious and ended rather mysterious as well it as a good read and would definitely recommend it to my friends. I Grey Oct 2013

Just Well Wow! 

Amazing book
Completely and utterly loved it! Traceyann Jan 2015

Heart warming like the rest of her amazing books always with a new and brilliant plot each time!!!!!
this is a must read!!!! itkatbrat May 2014

This is one of my favourite books! It is emotional at times, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. It is about friendship and family problems and is even a exciting at times. I would recommend it to girls aged 10-13. (By a 12 year old girl) Diamond Reader May 2014

I knew from the minute it mentioned surfing that something bad was going to happen in this book but I also in knew there was going to be a happy ending it is a wondrous book about the relationship of two new sisters. March Man April 2014

This is my daughter's and she couldn't put it down!!! She kept on talking about it and how.much she's read. Bamboo 2014

This book is awesomeepiczabalooshy
Invisible girl was awesome too and I can't wait to read the other books
Read this book!!! R Taylor 2014






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