Credit crunch throws Liberty's world upside down

Liberty’s family is super-rich but when her dad loses his job, she has to learn that not all that glitters is gold…A sparkling novel from the author of SHINE. Liberty Parfitt is sure there’s more to life than getting good exam results and earning lots of money. Unfortunately her super-rich, workaholic dad doesn’t agree - he thinks Liberty’s passion for music is a total waste of time. But when Dad loses his job and falls into a deep depression, Liberty’s talent may be the one thing that can save him.

The second novel from Kate Maryon - a sparkling voice for tween girls.



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Failure is not an option...


My dad is so obsessed with success that every time I'm home from school, for a weekend or for the holidays, he just can't resist reminding me of the Parfitt family motto. "Remember, Liberty," he booms, while he's checking over my school work or reading my report, "that failure is not an option for a Parfitt." And what annoys me most is that he always says it as if I've never even heard it before. He always says it as if it's never been drummed into my head a thousand million times. He always says it as if I don't already know that I'm the biggest failure the Parfitt family has ever had the disappointment of knowing. And what makes things worse is that as hard as I try not to let his stupid motto bother me, it does. I just can't help it and every time he says it something deep inside me shrivels up and hides.
At my brother's parents' evening, his housemaster said to my dad, "Sebastian has a glittering career ahead of him, Mr Parfitt, he's a real credit to you, sir. He's brilliant at everything, an A* student from head to toe and there are top-secret whispers being passed around that he's going to be made next year's head boy."
You could almost see the gift-wrapped packages of love leaping out of my dad's heart and landing like glitter on my successful brother's smile.
My parents' evening wasn't quite so glittering. My dad had to cancel this extremely important business meeting to drive all the way from London, to our school in Somerset, where the news that hit his ears did not make him smile. "She's a lovely girl, Mr Parfitt," my housemistress said, "kind, sweet and helpful, but she struggles with her academic studies. Liberty has more of a natural inclination towards her musical studies and I have to say she really appears to have a talent for it, sir. If she were to be encouraged a little more in this area she may well..."
"Music!" my dad blasted when the parents' evening was over. "Music, Liberty! You're unbelievable! I made it perfectly clear to you when you were small how I felt about you pursuing an interest in music and the same remains today. It was music that ruined your mother's life and I won't have it ruin yours. My own mother was stupid enough to let me follow my dreams when I was at school and nothing good ever came of it. I should have listened to my father and gone into business from the start, that's where the security is, Liberty, you mark my words. But no, my dominating mother stuck her nose in and interfered as usual. So, I want you to listen to me good and listen to me hard. You will do as you're told and follow a sensible career, 


one that won't let you down or get you into trouble. You're going to be twelve years old soon and it's about time you put your head down and pulled your socks up. I don't pay a fortune in fees for you to be at one of the best schools in the country so you can mess about. I'm paying for you to get ahead in life and make something of yourself. I want to see an improvement, Liberty, and I want to see it fast. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Daddy," I said, because I know there's never any point in arguing with him. He never listens to anything I have to say. Then he jumped in his car and roared off back to his office without even saying goodbye. There was no little gift-wrapped parcel of love popping out of his heart for me; there never is. And that's all I want, really. I just want him to love me too and not just Sebastian. Or even just to like me one tiny little bit. That would be a start. But I only ever seem to make him angry which drives him further and further away.
Two weeks later at the end of year Prize-giving Day things went from bad to worse. Sebastian won six prizes and got to make his first speech as next year's head boy. And I got nothing! Zilch! Zero!
"I've had just about enough of this behaviour, Liberty," my dad fumed when we'd finished our special celebration lunch for Sebastian's success. "I'm shocked that you didn't even manage to pick up one prize. You're letting the side down, you know, giving us Parfitts a bad reputation and it really won't do. You have to start towing the line and soon."
I nodded and quietly tucked myself into the soft, red leather seat of his car. I tried to disappear and let his angry words drift over my head without letting them hurt me.
If only I'd known then, the truth about my dad and his own glittering success. If only I'd known the truth about what actually happened to my mum and the real fact that success has nothing to do with good marks or money, I might have found the courage to stand up to him and speak up. I might have found the words to say that I would win prizes, and lots of them, and that he could be proud of me and send me little parcels of love to land like glitter on my smile. And that I wouldn't be a failure and a disappointment to the Parfitt family, if only he'd just let me be who I am and follow my heart.
But I didn?t know any of that then.
I just stared out of the window with the long summer holidays stretching out in front of me, with no idea of how much our lives were about to change. 


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What people are saying about Glitter

So sad but I loved it. It was amazing. I can't believe how good it was. The money was well spent for the book. Millie Booth August 2015


A lovely story. my 10 year old loves Kate Maryon . This Book has a great story line. A happy ending that will make you cry. Little T May 2015


I thought this book was amazing well my daughter did and she could hardly put it down so worth the money and so where the others in the series. Helen Ramsey March 2015


Okay first things first - I thought this book was amazing. Just amazing! Eileen Hayes Feb 2015


This is an amazing book and I really enjoyed it. It's sad and happy and makes you want to cry. I love this series of books and this is my favourite. Anonymous Feb 2015


Really good family love and a great story to share with friends and family. Heart warming story that will truly teach you a lesson in life.

Lucy Dec 2014

I Love This Book! A heart warming story I love this book such a page TURNER that ok read it in on err afternoon

Wow! This book had me from the first word and keep enraptured until the very last I've only read one other Kate Maryon book but she's truly made a fan out of me. Pure magic! Kjc August 2014


Amazeballs!!!!! This was such a touching story I have loved to be able to sit back and read such a great book and the way it describes how Liberty lives and what she does and what she likes and dislikes.From start to finish a absolutely amazing book!! I would give it more than five-stars if I could!!! Kindle customer Aug 2014 


Heartwarming! An amazing book by an amazing author! I'm surprised that I hadn't heard of Kate Maryon before!!! A result brilliant book! Eileen Colleran June 2014


The best! Simply my favourite of all her books it helps you to find out what these type of schools are like. its a bit of a survival guide! Kitkabrat May 2014


Gripping! I couldn't put it down and it even had me crying at one part.

The story of liberty's mum just kept me guessing and they left me wanting to read the next book. Wilga March 2014


My 11 year old daughter loves these books. Squemoit Nov 2014

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Just like any other books by Kate Maryon, I loved this to pieces! It was the third one I'd read (after "A Sea of Stars" and "A Million Angels" after which i was truly addicted to Kate Maryon) And after I read Shine, which is the best one she's written. K Feb 2014


Excellent! I didn't know about this book at the start but when I read it I fell in love and read it really fast I couldn't put it down this is the best book I have read so far I can't wait to read Kate Maryon's next book. Deborah Fitzgerald Jan 2014


Amazing! I thought it was beautifully written! Can not wait to read another one of her books!!! Definitely recommend to all people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily Cooper Dec 2013


A really good book gripping and it has a very unexpected ending Defiantly worth reading. . Good book I want to read more of Kate's Books. Caroline Reeve 2014

Best book ever! Glitter has to be one of the best books I have ever read. If you or your children like Jacqueline Wilson (I do, I'm her no1 fan!) then you have to read Kate Maryon - she's great! Katherine Stephenson Jan 2013



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