Can Tiff shine without her mum?

Tiff's mum is a thief and she's about to get caught…Twelve-year-old Tiff loves her mum, Carla, who is glitzy and fun and always coming home with shiny new amazing stuff. The trouble is, Tiff's mum doesn't buy things, she takes them. The fact is, Tiff's mum is a thief…

When Carla gets caught, Tiff’s shiny life is ruined. She's packed off to a remote island to live with Carla's family. A family her mum never even talks about and that Tiff has never even met! How can she survive in this dull, dull place?

But the island of Sark isn't as awful as Tiff imagined it would be. The islanders are kind and honest and she's happy spending time with them. So three months later, when it's finally time for her mum to join her, Tiff can't help feeling more than a little bit worried…



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She's just like a magpie...


My mum totally loves shiny things, like silver and gold and jewels and big, fast, shiny cars. Mikey, her business partner, calls her "Magpie" because she's always on the lookout for things, just like one of those magpie-birds that takes shiny stuff and hoards it in its nest. The only difference is that my mum hoards things in our flat, which means if she doesn't stop soon we'll be facing an emergency situation due to lack of space.

The thing I worry about most is that my mum says she can't stop herself. She is truly addicted. And the worst thing is that often she doesn't even buy things, she just takes them. Anything shiny is just too tempting for her. Some people might call it "stealing"; my mum calls it "borrowing". It is stealing though and, well, that's not exactly a good thing is it? And though me and Mum do some pretty cool stuff, sometimes she can be so embarrassing. Like the other day when we were walking through the market and she saw a fluffy scarf that she wanted for me. She just strolled up to the stall and while she was busy talking to the lady about the weather, she slipped it into her bag. And then what am I supposed to do? I can hardly scream "Thief" and get my mum arrested for shoplifting! So I just stay close and keep my mouth shut, and if people notice we make a run for it, fast.

I also know that she spends money on the internet using other people's credit cards. You might think that's a good thing for me because I have stuff, like three iPods, seven watches, a drawer full of rings, bangles and necklaces, 

two giant plasma TVs and my own laptop. And I do like getting all that stuff and I love my mum and we're a team, just me and her. But sometimes I wish she was more like a normal mum. I can't tell anyone the truth about the stealing or say anything to her about it because I don't want to upset her, and I'm afraid that if I do say anything she'll go off on one of her temper tantrums, which means she'll go straight out to the shops again, just to cheer herself up.

Last month we had a row and Mum drank loads of wine. Then she went out and came back with an amazing mega-red sports car that Mikey got hold of. I wanted us to make up, so I squashed down my worries and had fun as Mum and me zoomed about all over the place with the roof down wearing headscarves and big sunglasses like movie stars do. "Living the dream, that's what we're doing, babe" Mum giggled as we raced down the High Street. But a couple of days ago Mum got bored of it, and sold it on to this uber-rich lady while I was at school.

"We've done it, babe, the world's our oyster!" she squealed, as she showed me the hugest mountain of cash I've ever seen. We danced around the living room like crazy things, throwing our money-confetti high up in the air and letting it fall down on us like paper rain.

Right then we knew that the money would change our days. But we didn't know how much it would change our lives.


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What people are saying about Shine

This book was the best book I've ever read!i recommend it for 10-13. I even had tears in my eyes at one point!i think everyone should try reading it and even if you think it is terrible never give up! -

Alex April 2015

I got this book when I was 9 and loved it, when we moved house I lost this book and was devastated I'm 13 now and still love this book and have read it at least 100 times.

Rachel March 2014

Amazing! I have read this over and over again and it still never gets old. All of Kate's books are filled with colours and emotion. R. Day Oct 2014

Excellent This book made me want to cry laugh and every other emotion there is. From page 1 Kate has you hooked on every word, turning every page. Kjc Aug 2014

Addictive! This book is 1 of the best books I've read and once u start reading u can't stop....Love it x May X July 2014

Jacqueline Wilson-esque My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this book. Compared it to a Jacqueline Wilson, whose books she is obsessed with. I got huge brownie points for finding her a new author to follow. R.Lilico June 2014

I bought this book as a birthday present for my 11 year old daughter who loves to read. She has been an avid Jaqueline Wilson reader for the past few years and I was looking for something a little different for her to try. I bought this on the recommendation of other Amazon readers and it hasn't disappointed. She was hooked from page 1 to the end and thought the story was fantastic. I would highly recommend for this age group.

Louise May 2014

I thought the story line was well good after Katie Maryon came in I was inspired to read this fabulous children's book she really made to book so that boys and girls can read it.I will be reading Katie's other books as this is amazing.Katie's imagination is wild but that's what make the book the way it is... IMAGINATIVE!Aimee Berry July 2015

Amazing! Loved this book couldn't stop reading it. You literally can't put it down? Readers age 9-11 will be an ideal age for this book! Daisy Leigh July 2015

Amazing! I love it just what I was looking for and it shows that this mother and daughter bond can never be broken a must read for me. Teresa Tobin May 2015

Heartwarming! this book was the best book I've ever read!i recommend it for 10-13. I even had tears in my eyes at one point!i think everyone should try reading it and even if you think it is terrible never give up! Alex April 2015



I was looking for books that would allow my daughter to branch out from Jacqueline Wilson. Decided to give a Kate Maryon book a try after reading reviews. She LOVED it. We've now ordered several more and she's quickly devouring them.

Sept 2015

Coming from a family of read-aholics, my youngest daughter (now 12)always struggles to finish even an easy book. But with Shine, she loved it, and finished it in a few days. Major achievement which she is delighted with. She said it was so interesting she didn't want to put it down. She can wait for the next book by Kate Maryon to be published. Thanks Kate! Please hurry with the next one.

Sunrae March 2010

Fab Wonderful story and so gripping loved it! If you love this book you will love the other Kate Maryon books! Gracie Louisa Jan 2015

Amazing! This book was so fab and awesome. Shine is a book that Kate Maryon should be proud of. For girls who like excitment,friendship and a bit of saddness. Age 9-14. A. Morrison Dec 2014

A touching, loving book A touching story I loved every minute of it and read it in about 3 to 4 hours a touching loving book that's suitable from 8 yrs or whatever ages you want. Leia Nov 2014


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